5 Outdoor games your kids will love!

5 Games to keep kids busy!

5 Games to keep kids busy!

5 Games to keep kids busy!

Mom! I’m bored!!!
Ever heard that?
If you have kids, I’m sure you have!
Here are 5 fantastic games to keep kids busy!
1.  M&M pick-up
*Bag of M&M’s
*Paper Plates
Pour a generous amount (roughly 25-30) M&M’s on to Each kids plate.  Place the cup next to their plate, give them a straw and explain the rules.  You must use only the straw, to suck up the M&M’s and drop them in the cup!  The player with the most in their cup after 1 minute wins!
2. Blow the cups down
*Plastic Cups
Line cups in a row, using 12 cups.  First person to go blows up the balloon, and using only the air from the balloon tries to blow the cups off the table in one minute or less.
It really is that simple!  You just better make sure you’ve got enough lung power to blow that balloon up over and over!
You can even challenge each other to see who can do it with the least amount of times blowing up your balloon!
Create a path, or a designated racing area!  Place the spoon on the egg and race from start to finish!  See who can get the farthest without dropping their egg!  OR You can see who can finish the fastest!  For the little guys, we did a “who can finish without dropping their egg” contest.  That way, it wasn’t a race, but do your best not to drop your egg!  For the older kids, we did a race to see who could finish the fastest!  This is also tons of fun to add in some obstacles along the way, make it more challenging!
NOW, if you want to keep kids busy and don’t mind a bit of a mess, this game is great!  My kids LOVED this game, and I’m sure yours will too.
4. Cheese Puff Toss
This Game
*Shower Cap
*Shaving Cream
*Cheese Puffs
This game was a huge hit!  Pick which team of two will play first.  Place the shower cup on one and cover in shaving cream.  The other play will get a bowl of cheese puffs.  Start a timer, and see how many puffs you can get to stick to your partners head in 1 minute!  The team with the most puffs stuck to their cap after 1 minute wins!
5. Trampoline Twister
*popsicle sticks
*cup to pull sticks from
The popsicle sticks really simplify the game!  No spinning wheel needed if you don’t already have a twister game, and you just have to write 3 letters on each stick.  Save them for anytime you want to pull out the chalk on a nice day and play twister on your trampoline! (Or driveway, or at a park, or anywhere you can draw a twister board!
Draw out your circles, let the kids help it’s
much more fun that way!
Take the popsicle sticks and using a marker or pen, write the 3 letters corresponding to the body part, color and Right or Left side.  See example in photos.  The sticks stand for “Right Hand Yellow, Right Foot Green, and Left Hand red”  Do this for all the colors, both R & L hands and legs, and all four colors!
Play Twister as you normally would!  You can find the *official* rules to twister here.
Now, get outside and enjoy the summer!  Be sure to get your kids moving and keep kids busy this summer!  Bust boredom with these fun games!  Your kids will love playing these games, and they will keep your kids from constantly reminding you they’re “bored!”
Other Ideas for kids!
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