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Hi!  Welcome to Raising6!  I’m Jalynne (Juh-Lynn for anyone trying to figure out how to say that!)  I met my husband back in 1999 when we were just babies! Ok not really, but we were young!  We got married in 2003 and had our first kiddo in 2004.  We’ve got 6 kids from 12 on down.  My husband works for Gerber, and I am a stay at home Mom to 6 kids! I have always dreamed of sharing all I’ve learned, or am learning raising a large family, so here it is!  I have a passion for cooking and baking, DIY projects, road trips, dancing, and homeschooling my kids!  I also LOVE to help others learn new things!  I used to teach ballet, I’ve taught Freezer Meal classes, and I’ve been known to bake a few cakes as well as teach people how to make their own! You can check those out here. http://facebook.com/somesweetcakes

I hope to get to know many of you, and look forward to helping all of you wonderful people in any way that I can!

Have a beautiful day!

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