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Essentials for families on-the-go


Travel essentials for families on the go!



5 Things I never leave home without!  Including an offer to try the #NEW!Kleenexgoanywhere packs!  Who doesn’t love to save money??

How many of us have a list of things we know we can’t do without when traveling with kids?   Ok, a list? No, I don’t have a list.  But I have a purse  large bag that I keep everything in, for everywhere I go!  And by everything, I mean everything.  Diapers, wipes, gum (unless kids ate it all), makeup, meds, bandaids, wallet, and every other item I might POSSIBLY need when I travel with 6 kids!

But, I have a few that really are essential!  For quick runs to the store, or park, or for a long 20 hour road trip with all the kids!  And these are things you need too!  Oh! And you can totally save some money when you purchase the #NEW!Kleenexgoanywhere packs at Walmart!

1.) Bandaids

Seriously every time I leave my house, even if it is just out the front door, one of my kids will need a Band-Aid!  Even if it is for the slightest (totally does not need a Band-Aid, “but it’s bleeding Mom! owie)  So, we keep band-aids in the bathroom, in my bag, etc.  If I don’t have a band-aid for that one owie it may just result in a melt-down of epic proportions until I go to the store and buy some.  So these are a MUST have.

2.) Pain medicine

For me.  And sometimes for the kiddos.  But chances are if we are traveling and I am not driving I will get car sick.  And when I get car sick it is not the yucky car sick.  It is a headache, my head is spinning type of car sick.  So I make sure I always have something for that.  And of course it is always handy to have in case one of the kiddos needs it!

3.) Lip gloss

How many of you have kids that constantly lick there lips?  I do!  And, in the winter I tend to get very dry chapped lips!  So, I always keep gloss with me.  My favorite right now is Glossy Gloss from Senegence.  It is made with Shea butter, and super hydrating.  And my 11 year old son that constantly licks his lips, uses it at the first sign of chapped lips and it works wonders!


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4.) Kleenex Go Anywhere packs!

Let’s be real, kids are not always clean.  Ha, mine are almost never clean.  Except for those few moments from when they get out of the tub, until they find those chocolate chips in the freezer, or walk outside into the mud puddle.  When we travel it is NO different.  In fact, long road trips may be worse, because they are eating, drinking and playing in a car seat.  So, they are bound to be messy!  These new #Kleenexgoanwhere packs are amazing!  They hook to the back of your head rest, or on your purse strap so you don’t have to worry about losing them!  And, they are super handy for when your 2 year old has the snottiest nose you’ve ever seen right before you go into the store!  Yes, these are totally the perfect solution for wiping kids noses, cleaning their hands and making sure your kids are at least somewhat presentable while on the go!

5. ) Snacks

I have kids that seem to have the best appetites when it is not meal time.  I’m ok with that!  But, I hate junk food snacks.  We don’t buy fruit snacks, or suckers (unless it’s the baby and she’s totally cranky.  Suckers save us on occasion with that one).  I don’t buy juice, or candy.  So, I always try to keep simple, somewhat healthy snacks in my bag!  My favorites…cheerios, pretzels, fruit leather, and apple slices.

Don’t have these items when you leave the house?  Well, get on that!  You’ll thank me later.  When you have hungry kids needing a snack, or a child that just sneezed and didn’t have tissue ready.  You’ll want to keep these with you!


Happy Travels!

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