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How I get our large family {almost} everywhere ON TIME!

Getting places on time doesn’t seem too hard right?  Well, try getting places ON TIME when you have 6 young kids to get ready too!  I have nearly mastered the art of making sure we are on time (which in my book reads: early) nearly every time we go somewhere.

There are a few ways to make this happen!  So, take note, because if you are like me and HATE being late, these tips are for you!

5 Tips to help you get everywhere on time!

1. When planning, Plan to arrive 15 minutes early.

This means if you need to arrive somewhere at 3 pm, tell everyone (kids, spouse, whomever you need to get ready) you need to be there at 2:45!  This is your cushion!  You need a cushion if you want to be on time.  In a large family, things inevitably happen that take longer than planned!  Someone misplaced the diaper bag, or can’t find their other shoe, and so on. So, plan on 15 minutes early! Make sense?  Good.  Moving on

2.  Make a list of everything you need for where you are going.

I rarely write that list down, but I always have a list in my head of everything needed to get out the door on time. For example:  Going to church.  We need clothes, socks, shoes, diaper bag, bottle for the baby, quiet books for the younger kids, scriptures, any lessons we are teaching, keys, and wallet.  Easy enough right?  If you don’t have a list somewhere (even if it is just in your head) you WILL forget something.  OR, you’ll be late trying to remember everything you need.

3. If you have to be somewhere early in the morning, get things ready the night before.

Getting somewhere on time early in the morning might be challenging!  But if you get clothes, shoes, etc ready the night before this will make your life so much easier!  You don’t need the stress of trying to find everything at 5 am because you didn’t do it the night before!

4. Get the kids to help!

Your kids CAN help!  My oldest is 12, and he’s an excellent helper!  If I’m trying to get two of the kids dressed, and he’s ready, he can help get the toddler ready!  Often kids love being put in charge.  If there are certain things you want done but want to save time, put the older kids in charge of it!

Need snacks?  Ask one or two kids to pick out snacks and make sure they are ready to go

Need a few books or items to keep kids busy at an appointment?  Put the older kids in charge of picking those items!  Seriously, this saves you so much time! And the kids enjoy feeling like they are being responsible!

5. Check and DOUBLE check the address if it’s a new location.

Notice the {almost} in the title.  The only time I have been late recently is when I relied on GPS to get me to the appointment, and I didn’t put in the ACTUAL address. I relied on GPS without an address, just the name of a clinic.  Oops!  So, we were late…only 5 minutes, but that’s 10 minutes later than I wanted to be!

My husband will be the first to tell you, I would often rather NOT go somewhere, than get there late.  I’ve been traumatized from my dancing days. My parents were always late picking me up!   Alright, maybe not traumatized.  But you get the point?  When classes ended in the evening,  I’d be sitting outside with the teacher waiting for my parents. The teacher would lock up the building and let me sit in the car with her waiting for my parents.  I hated it.  So, I do everything I possibly can to make sure we are not late.  And you know what?  It almost always works!


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  • Reply
    Lisa @ The Merry Momma
    August 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    What a neat idea for a post! Like you, I HATE being late. I totally agree with getting things ready the night before. I’m often tempted to “just do it in the morning” because I’m too tired in the evening, but I always regret it when I do! Summoning up a little extra energy and spending a little time in the evening is so worth it in the morning! Feeling rushed only leads to crankiness and tardiness. 🙂
    That being said, I’m totally in awe of you that you manage to do all this with 6 kids and get places on time! What an inspiration you are!

    • Reply
      August 18, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      Thank you! It took me time to figure it out, but crankiness of kids being rushed in the morning is a BIG reason to get things ready at night when possible!?

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