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So, you’ve decided to Homeschool your children. What an exciting decision!  I know from experience, the decision can be full of excitement, overwhelming, terrifying, and a whole slew of other emotions!

There are many reasons one chooses to Homeschool.  Maybe your child doesn’t do well in a classroom setting.  Maybe there are special needs that aren’t being met by the schools.  Possibly you are a teacher or have been a teacher and recognize that children can and do learn in various different ways, that the school isn’t able to cater to.  Maybe you just want to spend more time with your child!  Heavens they do spend 6-8 hours away from you in school!  Some enjoy the break, others want to soak of up every ounce of time they can with their child before they grow up and move out.

Whatever your reason for choosing to educate your child at home, here are a few things I’ve learned that I’d like to share to help your transition be a positive experience!

1.  Detox

I can’t say it enough.  Detox is one of the most beneficial things I can recommend.  Here’s what this meant for us:
*No formal or structured school
*No tests
*Let your children learn how and when and where they want
*Let them know that school at home is going to be vastly different then public school
*If your child wants to learn about a topic let them explore it as much or little as they want!
*Create an atmosphere in which your children will WANT to learn
*Let them be kids.  Play, read, spend time reading to them!
*If you have more than 1 kiddo at home, encourage a good relationship between them, so they help each other learn!
Know that detox looks different for everyone.
One of the biggest benefits to detox is that kids learn to really play and explore and use their imaginations.  It also opens them up to the idea that learning can be and is really FUN!

2.  There are SO many resources available

I had no idea when I started this journey the amount of resources that are available to homeschoolers!  If you are looking for a one size fits all, you’ll find that.  If you want to tailor each subject for each kid, there are options for that!  Some families choose to do one curriculum for all subjects for all their kids.  Others pick and choose different subjects from different authors and so on.
For example: Take a look at options for Math- There is Easy Peasy, MathUSee, Homeschoolmath, Khan Academy, Life of Fred, Saxon etc.  See my point?  Some of these options are free, some of these cost money for books, or have fees for their use online.  Look at what you can/want to budget and plan accordingly!

3.  Look for Co-Ops and Homeschool groups in your area

What is the number one criticism homeschool parents hear??
“But what about the socialization?  You don’t want your kid to be socially awkward!”  The reality?  It’s just not true. Children that homeschool can and will be just as “socialized” as those in the Public School system.  In fact, kids that homeschool will have the benefit here because rather than learning socialization skills from classmates that use foul language, or bullies, or other terrible things kids pick up at school, they will learn from you, the parents!  BUT, if you are really concerned about your children not getting enough interactions to learn socialization skills look for Co-Ops and Homeschool groups.  They are everywhere.  Facebook is an excellent place to start, look for Homeschool groups in your area.  You’ll probably find more than enough groups that get together for field trips, activities, and more!

4.  What works for some doesn’t work for everyone

Now is the time to let your kids show you what they want to learn.  It’s also a time for you to get to know them, and how they learn best!  There is no Homeschool curriculum that is perfect for everyone.  That’s why Public School doesn’t work for SO many!  Kids learn in so many different ways.  The only way to cater to that is to get to know what works best for THEM, and then find what you need to get started.
These are just a few basics to get started.  Take a deep breath, you’ve got this!  Your kids will begin to LOVE learning, and this journey will be exciting, adventurous, sometimes daunting, and so beneficial for you and your children!

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