Last minute, stunning DIY Halloween Costumes

Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes!

Raise your hand if you are a master procrastinator when it comes to Halloween costumes! *Raises both hands*. Seriously. Every year I think – I got this, I will have ideas and costumes done WAY early. Yet here we are. Less than two weeks away from Halloween and we JUST decided on a theme for our family. Now to get to work!

By the way, if we can pull it off, this year’s theme is going to be amazing!

So, while I go get my butt in gear to work on those, here are 5 super fun, easy, last minute ideas for you!

1. THOMAS THE TRAINThomas the Train DIY Halloween costumes!

This one took a few hours and I broke it up over 2-3 days because of paint drying and well, kids.

Here’s what you will need:
  • Empty diaper boxes
  • large piece of poster board
  • paper plates
  • spray paint
  • cotton balls
  • plastic cups
  • duct tape
  • hot glue gun and glue

-we dressed them in white shirts, overalls and red handkerchiefs with train hats they got from their Grandpa

Paint the boxes the color of train you want, we added painters tape to create the stripes.  Add a painted paper plate as the face, as well as the wheels. Cotton balls spray painted black are the coal.  Duct tape was used to make the straps to wear.  And the black spray painted cup on the front for the steam to come out of. (I can’t remember what its called and don’t have time for google, but check it out in the picture!)

2. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz DIY Halloween Costume!

One of my favorites!  If you ask Jordan though (Tin Man) it was his least favorite EVER!

You will need:
  • Lion costume (we picked ours up at a garage sale ($3 woot!)
  • Brown sweat pants, and green sweat shirt
  • straw for stuffing the scarecrow
  • red sparkly shoes (thrift store $4!)
  • a pillow case in the blue checkered pattern for Dorothy’s dress
  • White buttons for the dress
  • Straw hat
  • 2 Liter pop bottles
  • Funnel
  • Poster board
  • Duct Tape
  • face paint (brown, and silver)

We just put the lion in brown sweat pants with the brown face paint and lion costume and done!

Dorothy was a bit more involved.  Cutting a pillowcase and turning into an adorable dress, to go with a white shirt and ruby red shoes.

Scarecrow was easy!  Sweats, straw, face paint, and a straw hat (not pictured)!

Tin-Man was the most work but still doable in 1 day!  Cut tops and bottoms off 2-liters – punch hole in them to tie them together for legs and arms.  Spray paint them silver, as well as the funnel and poster board, which is used for the body.  We tied everything together with duct-tape (it’s all we had at the time the DAY of) but you could easily use twine, rope or what have you.

Toto (not pictured) was just in puppy jammies with his face painted to look like a cute lil’ pup.

3. Peter Pan

Peter Pan Halloween Theme.... DIY costumes for Halloween!

Peter Pan theme is another of my favorites.  I LOVE the way the TinkerBell costume turned out!  This took a few days, I think we did it 3 days before Halloween?  I can’t remember.

You’ll need:

This Pattern for the pirate costume

Also, this pattern here for Peter Pan.  Although, this was one you could easily do without the pattern.  Brown sweat pants and a lot of green felt with a red feather!

For the night gown, we used an old long men’s night gown we found at a local thrift store and just altered it down to size! So easy!

Tinkerbell we didn’t use a pattern for, but was relatively simple.  Make large petals, sew to the bodice, which was just a large rectangle with a tie up the back.  (I can post a better tutorial for this part soon).  Then we made a tulle tutu to go underneath, with a long sleeve white shirt and scarf to keep her warm!  Add wings and voila! Tinkerbell!


4. Nerds

This one is probably the EASIEST last minute DIY costume ever!

halloween2014b We made our daughter more of a “Pop star”, but the concept is still the same! Super inexpensive, super last minute, and so cool!

I made these the day of, probably 2-3 hours before Trick-or-Treat time.

And, everybody loved them!  Win!

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Duct Tape (neon was super cool)
  • Nerdy (or super cool star) glasses from the dollar store!
  • Fabric if you want to get all fancy with ties
  • Tulle for a tutu

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Have them put on jeans and dress shirts, roll the jeans up, pull up the socks and add duct tape suspenders.  Then add duct tape to the bridge of your super cool dollar store glasses.  Create a bow-tie from duct-tape (or you can sew a fancy tie if you’d like) and voila, that simple!  Yes please!Super Easy Nerd DIY Costume and more!

*For the tutu, cut tulle into 18 inch strips, and tie around a piece of elastic, sew or tie at the back and you’ve got a super cool tutu for your awesome hip rock star!


And – Last but not least!


Last Minute DIY Costume, Pac-Man

This was probably one of my favorites, just for the simplicity and wow factor!  SO many people loved this theme!  We took them to a mall this year (it was rainy and we live in the middle of nowhere, so it was a last minute decision) and I could not believe the number of people commenting on how cool it was!

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard Boxes (a few very large ones if possible)
  • Felt.  Lots and lots of felt
  • Yarn (if you want to crochet a cute cherry hat for your cherrry)
  • and hot glue with glue gun
  • duct tape

We began by cutting the cardboard into two large round circles.  We then cut out the mouth portion on both sides.  We then used the extra for a long wide strip down the middle, so it was enclosed.  I wish I had a picture to show how the back was.  But it was an enclosed pac-man.  Wear my son’s head was covered by the cardboard.halloween2015c

Then, the felt comes in.

Cover Pac-man in yellow felt using the hot glue gun.

Add his eyes out of black felt.

We used duct tape inside to create straps for it to be carried on his shoulders, as well as cut a hole out of the bottom for his legs.  That’s it for Mr. Pac-Man!

For the ghosts, we let each kid pick which color they wanted to be and got tons of felt in that color.  Cut each color of felt into to large upside down U shapes.  Sew up the sides, leaving an opening for arms (you’ll have to measure here to know where the arms go), and then leave an opening for the neck.  Glue on the eyes and then it’s done!

For our cherry, we just bough a black onesie and glued a felt cherry onto it, and crocheted her a hat to look like a cherry! halloween2015d

Pretty simple, and one that we did in 2 days!  It could have been done in 1, but again, kids.  So we did it in 2.

This will be a huge hit if you venture to try this one!






I Hope you found these ideas helpful!  You CAN have super cool costumes for Halloween, on a budget and made by YOU!

If you love them let me know in the comments!

Have you made your own super fun DIY Costumes?  I want to see those too!

5 Super cool DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Really awesome last minute Halloween Costumes DIY!
5 EASY DIY Halloween Costumes you can make last minute! COOL!

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