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When Mommy’s Home with Me

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Raising6 Book Review


My kids LOVE to read.


My older boys will read a book so fast I feel like there was no possible way they could absorb the entire story.  They have been avid readers since they began reading.  My oldest in fact will stay up till it is WAY too late, and I know he’ll be tired the next morning.  But he just has to finish that last chapter!  He does get that from me.  I always read at night, and I’d stay up till I finished a book if it wasn’t going to take until the next morning.

Our little ones, even thought they can’t read words,  love to sit down and look at pictures, and point out objects or people or pets in books.  It is one of the things in life that brings me my greatest joy!  I love to watch the expressions on their faces when they see a bird or a ball and squeal with excitement they found what I said.  I love to hear them try to say words they can’t quite make out yet.  I absolutely reading with my little ones.

My youngest daughter loves to climb up on my lap or Daddy’s lap (usually Daddy’s, because let’s be real she is a total Daddy’s girl) with her book in hand, open it up and point out all the bright colorful things that she sees.  It melts my heart.

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Reading to kids, and seeing the light in their eyes and joy in their faces as they see and discover new things, brings me great joy.  And I need to remember that, and do it more often.

Nonetheless, I recently saw that a sweet friend that I made back in Idaho had published a book.  Knowing this woman, and the love that she has for children, I knew it would be an excellent book.  I have always looked up to Alison as an incredible example of what true joy in being a Mother looks like.  I immediately knew we needed this book.  I hadn’t read the story behind it (which you can find here) or what it was about.  I just knew what it was called.  “When Mommy’s Home with Me.”


We anxiously awaited its’ arrival and when we got it in the mail, the kids were SO excited!  I snapped a few pictures of their excitement and then we went straight to the couch to sit down and read it together.




Children often love bright and colorful books to look at.  They capture their attention, and they stand out.  This book had wonderful pictures.  Each page full of new things for the kids to discover.  The colors were bright, cheerful and perfectly drawn to capture the attention of young readers.

But it gets far better than that.  When I started reading this book to my kids, it felt as if parts of the book were about me.  As though, the author knew exactly what it was like being me, as a Mother, but also so much more.

“My Mommy is a baker, and when she’s home with me, we love to make sweet sugar cake with huckleberry cream.  While we wait for it to bake, it’s sticky licky time.  The bowl is clean and we’re a mess, and I’m so glad she’s mine.

This spoke to me.  Though I’ve never been a baker outside of the home, I have had a cake business, and consider myself a baker.  It made me recognize that I need to spend more time baking with my kids.  They all love to cook and bake with me.  My daughter especially has always been one to love helping me.  I used to get so frustrated that any time I turned on my mixer I’d have a toddler pushing a chair up to the counter to be next to me and try to “help” me.  And then I realized this precious time, and her desire to help would diminish if I didn’t allow her to help.  So I began letting her help.  And it’s become a favorite hobby of ours. 

There are many stories in this book that relate to me, and to so many mothers that I know.  I love how this book incorporates Mom’s who stay home all day with their children, and Mom’s who work and then come home to spend time with their children.  “When Mommy’s Home with Me” takes a look at all of the different roles and talents, and abilities all of us Mother’s have, and then so simply shows how we can use these same talents and abilities to teach our children.  They demonstrate how we can give our children opportunities to learn and grow from us.  Mothers whether doctors, bakers, teachers, dancers or more all have unique talents.  And it is amazing that we can all use these talents to enrich the lives of others.  But when it boils right down to it, the best, most rewarding way we as mothers can use these God given talents, is by sharing them with our children and our families.

What a wonderful reminder that this book offers to all of us Mothers.

If you are looking for a book that has unique whimsical illustrations, with an excellent lesson and reminder for us as Mother’s this book is the perfect book.  Your children will enjoy it, and you’ll not regret the time you spent sharing it with your children.  It is a book well worth having in your home.

You can order your very own copy of this here!

*Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by the Author.  There was no monetary compensation for this review, and all opinions are my own.

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