Strawberry Cream Cheese Puffs
A sweet, deep fried treat, to satisfy any cravings you may have!
Servings Prep Time
16puffs 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
16puffs 10minutes
  1. Preheat oil to 350°
  2. Remove stems from strawberries. Slice strawberries.
  3. Cream together the cream cheese and sugar mixture until smooth and creamy
  4. Unroll croissant and add a small spoonful of cream cheese mixture with 2-3 slices of strawberry. Roll up tight, making sure there are no open holes. Place in oil and deep fry 2-4 minutes turning halfway through cooking.
  5. Remove to paper towel, and sprinkle powdered sugar over after they have cooled slightly. ENJOY!
Recipe Notes
Strawberry Cream Cheese Puffs. A delicious treat that is soooo good!